HarmonyCougarSwap - A part of the Cougar ecosystem - The futuristic generation Yield Farming strategies built on Harmony network features at the highest stability and security level.
Why Presale? (Learn More)
  • Bots destroy the "fair launch" purpose.
  • We prefer that everyone pay the same price initially.
  • The quality farm launch will see significant interest in a fairly constituted early liquidity pool.
  • A presale enables us to provide a much larger amount of cash towards liquidity than the other way.
  • A presale provides an established budget for marketing, partnerships, and further development.
Presale Transaction Fees: 0%

Highlight Features:

  • Slowly Presale Claim: Keep The Price More Stable (Read More)
  • Native Pool Transaction Fee Solution
  • Transaction Fees: Automatic Burning 1% 0%
  • Anti Whale: 20% Of Total Supply
  • Referral Program: 2%

System Features:

  • Farming
  • Vaults: Auto-Compounding
  • Syrup: Raised Fund & Partnership
  • Dex
  • Bridge


  • Long-Term Project
  • 100% Liquidity Locked
  • No Migrator Code
  • Audit & Review
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